Cloud Computing

by Ilyas Iyoob and Umar Iyoob

PowerBI has quickly risen to become the default dashboarding tool for many business users, while S3 continues to remain the default object store for technical users. So, what would seem like an effortless connection between the two is surprisingly not so effortless. Let us spare you the pain and take you right to our 5-minute solution.

Why PowerBI?

Microsoft PowerBI is quickly growing as the dashboarding tool of choice because:

As soon as Jillian published her article on America’s Top 50 AI Companies yesterday on, I’ve been itching to analyze them and see what they have in common. Finally I was able to sneak out for an hour this morning and crunch some numbers, and here’s what I found…

Given that companies in the list have been sorted based on their current valuation, I figured if I could generate a word cloud of the top few companies, that would give me some idea as to what’s common among them.

Ilyas Iyoob, PhD

Chief Data Scientist and Distinguished Engineer of Artificial Intelligence @Gravitant, an #IBM Company | Opinions are my own...

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